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Solar grazing:

Theintersection of

vegetation management and



Sheep are a renewable resource capable of sustainable vegetation management and have an enormous carbon offset over traditional mowing. Existing farmland/ranchland remains intact. 

Balanced Ecosystem

Grazing has a symbiotic and synergistic relationship with wildlife and pollinator species.

Smart Vegetation Management

Grazing and grazing management reduce undesirable vegetation and regenerate native grasses, forbs, and pollinator species. 

Improved Soil Health

Grazing increases the amount of carbon and nitrogen in the soil, improving soil health and tilth. 


A Reliable, Nationwide Network

Solar Sheep Connect has an extensive grazing network of more than 10,000 sheep and over 20 shepherds. Grazers follow detailed veterinary, resource, and vaccination protocols on any assigned solar site. 

Our team provides quality control on every project. We ensure site compatibility and define specific milestones to achieve the goals of commercial solar owners. We provide regular reporting on site conditions, grazing, and vegetation management.

Find a Grazer

Commercial Solar Asset Owners

Become a Grazer

Sheep Farmers and Shepherds